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Supply Chain Security and Brand Protection Efforts

Pharmaceutical products pass through a number of hands en-route to the pharmacy where they are dispensed to patients. The shipping and handling of controlled substances is conducted under more secure conditions than other products; however, every step of the supply chain presents an opportunity for diversion and theft. The theft of pharmaceutical products while in transit is a growing problem for this industry. To counter that threat, Purdue has gone to great lengths to protect the pharmaceutical supply chain by implementing innovative security solutions in their manufacturing facilities and throughout the distribution chain.

The counterfeiting and diversion of pharmaceutical products endangers public health. The company assists law enforcement and regulatory agencies to combat this growing threat through the adoption of several initiatives designed to ensure that patients receive authentic Purdue product. Purdue will assist law enforcement to analyze suspect Purdue products free of charge to determine if the product is authentic or not. Additionally, Purdue provides Customs and Border Protection officials with technical information to assist them in the interdiction of counterfeit/spurious products from being illegally imported into the United States. The Internet has become a source for the distribution of counterfeit and unapproved medicines.  To counter this Purdue regularly monitors illegal and infringing Internet activity and initiate enforcement actions to remove the content from the Internet.

To learn more about Purdue’s support capabilities for law enforcement, contact Purdue’s Corporate Security Department at 203-588-6926 or


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